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Product Care

Love, care and respect, it works as well for Jewels...

Taking care of your Gem Gem jewellery

Congratulations! You have just purchased or been offered a magnificent original Gem Gem jewel!


Our jewellery is made exclusively using 18-carat gold: a noble substance that is nickel-free and, as a consequence, non-allergenic.

The following tips and precautions will help ensure that your precious jewellery and gems retain all their pristine qualities and beauty. 


When not wearing your jewellery...

-> Always store your jewels in their original cases or in a suitable protective box;

-> Keep your jewels in their separate pouches or cases, so that they do not come into direct contact with each other (thereby avoiding risk of scratches);

-> We recommend removing items of jewellery before taking part in activities such as sports, swimming, housekeeping, gardening, that risk harming or damaging them; 

-> We also recommend that you remove and store jewellery before retiring at night, so as to avoid damage or loss during sleep.


Cleaning of the gold mounts

All our jewels are made using 18-carat gold, which ensures excellent durability. By its nature, however, gold is a malleable metal that, if not properly cared for, can deteriorate over time and become soiled. To guard against this, and preserve optimum lustre and shine, it is advisable periodically to soak gold mounts for a few minutes in warm soapy water (never boiling water, as this can cause damage). A soft brush can be used during the wash to ensure thorough cleaning, particularly in hollows and between gaps. After washing, the jewels can be wiped dry and polished to restore shine using a suitable microfibre, silk or cotton cloth. A hairdryer may be employed delicately to remove any last traces of water trapped in small recesses.


Precious and semi-precious gemstones

Like mounts, gemstones have a tendency to accumulate dust and other deposits, greasy or otherwise, that dull their surfaces. To clean them, we recommend soaking for a few minutes in a bowl of warm soapy water. They may then be simply rinsed or, where necessary, gently brushed using a toothbrush or other suitably delicate instrument. Finally, they should be dried using an appropriate microfibre or silk cloth.



Pearls require particular care if their beauty and lustre is to be preserved over time. They naturally hydrate in contact with the air and the wearer’s skin, however, which helps maintain their radiance. Similarly, unlike gemstones, their beauty is not unduly affected by slightly damp environments. To clean pearls, simply dip them in slightly salty water and dry using a soft cloth or chamois leather containing a drop of olive oil.

A best practice is to put them on last... and remove them first...


Things to avoid…

Wherever possible, safeguard your jewels, gemstones or pearls from items that have a tendency to dull them or cause harm, notably:


-> Makeup, creams or perfumes (especially for pearls);

-> Personal hygiene products and perspiration;

-> Chlorine, seawater and sand;

-> Chemicals and abrasives;

-> Extreme temperatures;

-> Shocks and frictions of all kinds.


Cleaning and checking by a jeweller

We recommend having your jewellery checked every two years by a jeweller, who will monitor the condition of your asset as well as ensure professional cleaning and routine repairs of, for example, loose stones and/or impact damage if and as required.


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