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Use of "Cookies" on the website

By continuing to browse our site, you agree to the use of cookies as explained below.

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Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on the computer or other device you use to connect to the GEM GEM website. They serve to enhance your experience when using our various online services.

The website uses Cookies for the following purposes :


Facilitating your account login procedure

Once you have logged into your personal account for the first time, this Cookies saves you from having to repeat the log in procedure each time you re-visit the site. It thereby facilitates the connection between your computer/device and your session. You may rest assured, however, that it does not, in any circumstances, keep a record of your password details.


Recalling previous purchases
These Cookies remember previous items purchased from your shopping basket on the site so that you can easily find them again if and as required on future visits.


Providing navigation assistance
Thanks to this Cookies, which remembers your home country and language of choice, you will be immediately directed to the most appropriate content and sections of the site.


Usage statistics
These Cookies collect information, anonymously and in confidence, regarding use of our website. They are designed to enable us continuously to ameliorate performance as well as generally enhance user experience. We have notably adopted Google Analytics cookies to help us improve the content we offer as well as facilitate user-friendly browsing and secure purchasing.

Version : January 2020


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